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Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the Ancients...

Seek instead what they sought.

Personal Support and Healing



Four-Session Intensive


A powerful avenue for growth is through open-intention sessions. This is when Chris Davidson interacts with the Spirit Helpers on your behalf, inviting them to lead the way in addressing what will most help your forward movement in life.


This is done in a series of four weekly sessions. This allows the Helpers to craft a foundational process, building on each session. Cost is $460 for the series. (A single scheduled session is $155).

Soul Retrieval Healing


Trauma, loneliness, loss of a loved one... experiences like these can cause our souls to fragment. Parts of our authentic energy "check out" and we become less engaged in life. Signs of soul loss can include fatigue, fuzzy memories, depression, etc. Full description of Soul Retrieval.


In this style of Soul Retrieval, Chris Davidson connects with your heart energy and with the Spirit Helpers. She speaks aloud so that you overhear the process and integrate your soul parts as the experience unfolds. This form of soul retrieval is exceptionally effective and profoundly healing. $155.




Shamanic Practices Support


For those who prefer mentoring and support as they pursue their shamanic practices, a support mentorship with Chris Davidson will assist you. A series of four weekly sessions is $460. For extended support, a 3-month series (meeting two times per month) is $720.



Wisdom Guidance Sessions


For life purpose issues, parenting, relationships, and other challenges, Chris Davidson meets with the Spirit Helpers on your behalf. She speaks aloud as the session unfolds for deep integration.


This is mature insight. The Helpers offer no-nonsense clarity, pointing out core dynamics and recommending change on a foundational level. Layers are woven within the session that will often serve as a compass for years to come. Different themes are discussed in detail here.


The Helpers never tell us "what to do" which interferes with our own personal authority. Rather, they support us in seeing clearly and making good decisions in light of Wisdom.


Cost is $155 and the session lasts at least an hour, often much longer. More about Wisdom Guidance.




About Distance Shamanic Sessions:

There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance shamanic sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of the physical. It is important to have privacy for your session and to schedule at least 15 minutes to relax and prepare. A time for integration afterward is also important. A quality telephone headset is a very good idea but not crucial for single sessions or short series. Please note that ear buds (without mouth microphone) as well as speaker telephones do not carry the energetic qualities needed for this work.

After you've explored the different information and associated costs on the website you're welcome to schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation with Chris Davidson to see if this work feels right for you (please note that this cannot be a shamanic session, which requires formal preparation).


Chris Davidson   email@shamanictraining.com    PO Box 865 Nederland CO 80466    

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