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Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the Ancients...

Seek instead what they sought.

Certification Training Details



Session times are kept as consistently as possible. There is a rhythm to this work and the Helpers will often build on teachings within that rhythm. We meet once weekly the first three weeks of the month, with the last week reserved for you to practice without facilitation and support. Weekly sessions can be arranged Tues-Fri during the day and evenings (Mondays can be arranged if necessary). If you are on another continent, we will work out a mutually acceptable time to meet.

If you need to rearrange session times for traveling, etc. it is usually not a problem. However, since consistency is important it’s best to keep to schedule when you can.

There is no standard formula to prepare for a session. It’s important however to take at least 15 minutes away from duties and “multi-tasking” to relax, shift gears, and review your notes from the previous session before we meet. Otherwise part of the session time will need to be spent helping you make that shift.

Sessions will normally last around an hour. We will usually begin with a quick review of the previous session, since the Helpers often want to build on what has been shared. It’s a good idea to reserve an hour and half total so that you have time to reflect, integrate, and fill out your notes afterward.

Sometime before the next session you’ll write up notes (which don't need to be highly detailed) and email them to Chris. This is helpful for self-clarifying and deeper integration of what has been shared. It’s also helpful for Chris to see what stood out for you during the session, and to notice if there have been any confusions.

Try not to preoccupy yourself with writing down detailed notes during the session itself or the Helpers may have to wait for you to be present enough to fully grasp an insight before moving on. It’s best to take a just a few key notes during the session itself and plan to spend time right after the session filling in more specifics while it’s still fresh. If you wait, you’ll likely lose much of the insight.

To reach Chris other than for a scheduled session time, please use the main telephone number at 303-642-1460. You are also welcome to email but remember that sometimes the computer is off-line in the mountains.

Within two months after beginning, it is important to acquire a quality headset – one that has adequate sound and will be steady when you you lie down for a facilitated Shamanic Journey. If you use a smartphone you may need to also get an appropriate (inexpensive) adapter. Please do not use speaker phones or ear buds without a microphone.

We will meet on the recording line 701-801-9998 for sessions. Unscheduled sessions are sometimes possible with Chris having at least half hour preparation time. If you want to arrange a special session, please call the desk phone 303.642.1460.

Because this training is an individualized approach, sessions will be tailored to fit you personally. We will not follow a rigid framework. Sessions will be guided by the Helpers who know your personal process, your gifts and path, and your place in life and growth.

Things needed… 

It is best to avoid alcohol or recreational drugs (caffeine is ok) 24 hours prior to your session. This is not a rigid rule, but it is a good practice to follow.

Uninterrupted private time for the session itself and preferably half hour or so “down” time following the session

An eye cloth (small hand towel will work) and/or eye pillow handy in case we do a facilitated Shamanic Journey.

Sacred items (white candle, stones, meaningful books) that support you personally.

Three-ring notebook and punch to store your notes for reading and review.

A comfortable, quality telephone headset.

Quiet room with mat, couch, or comfortable chair

I’ll be at the recording line awaiting your call at the scheduled time. If you wish to make the most of our time together, a private 15-30 minute preparation time helps you shift gears beforehand. Perhaps light a candle representing the Highest Light, and review previous Journeys and sessions. It’s helpful to already be in spiritual energy and relaxed when you call. We’ll usually spend some time talking and connecting before we begin the session. When we Journey during the sessions, I’ll ask you to speak your experience aloud to in order enhance your focus, and also so I can be heartfully present supporting you as the Journey unfolds.

After each session (especially facilitated Journey sessions) it’s a good idea to immediately write down your experience as you recall it. There’s no need to keep things in perfect sequence. Just write it down as you remember it, and you can edit it later. If you have Journeyed, practicing recall is very important as it helps anchor it in the physical realm. I may take some notes for you as the Journey unfolds and if so, I'll email those notes to you sometime later so that you have them for reflection and review. Whether I do this or not, please write down your own notes right after the Journey.

You’re welcome to email at any time with questions and sharings. Although I always read them, I may not respond directly by email and instead will address them during your next regular session.

Please print out (if you've typed your notes on computer) and keep your session notes together in the notebook, along with other experiences such as dreams, inspirations, omens, or visions (you’ll be surprised how often these occur once you begin Journeying). Before each session it’s a good idea to read over your previous sessions. The notebook will eventually become a precious record of spiritual unfoldment for you. It also invites your Helpers to arrange more profound work for you when they know that you’re going to write down, reflect, and deepen your experience of each session time.



About Distance Shamanic Sessions:

There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance shamanic sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of the physical. It is important to have privacy for your session and to schedule at least 15 minutes to relax and prepare. A time for integration afterward is also important. A quality telephone headset is a very good idea but not crucial for single sessions or short series. Please note that ear buds (without mouth microphone) as well as speaker telephones do not carry the energetic qualities needed for this work.

After you've explored the different information and associated costs on the website you're welcome to schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation with Chris Davidson to see if this work feels right for you (please note that this cannot be a shamanic session, which requires formal preparation).


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