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Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the Ancients...

Seek instead what they sought.

Dedication Prayer




Mother and Father Spirit, you have requested that I be in service to you. Thank you for honoring me with this request.


I know that the responsibility for sacred service is not mine, but yours. My role is to present a fit container, a "hollow bone" for the work that you choose to do through me.


I know my own talent is not up to the demands of this work. That my own skills and wisdom are not why you have chosen me. You have chosen me because of my willingness to listen to you and to be guided by your loving plans. This is my qualification, and I ask that I always remember.


Help me honor you in my life and work, and to keep this focus steady and unbroken while I live. 


Give me sharp eyes to detect the presence of falsehood. Provide me with understanding to see clearly. Give me the courage to share your Wisdom steadily. Make my voice so similar to yours that those who are in need of your help can recognize it.


I come to you now for spiritual preparation. Bless me with your presence, your power, and your love. Remind me that I am in service to you - and although this includes helping people with loving care, that I am moved and guided by your wisdom rather than by the needs, desires, or expectations of others.


If it be so, I accept hard work and small rewards in this task. Heal me from personal ambition. Save me from becoming pious or egotistical or false in anyway. Keep me true in my heartís loyalty to you first and the preoccupation and demands of this work second.


Help me to not measure my value by the extent of my popularity or the size of my income. Mother and Father Spirit, let me see through your eyes only and not through the eyes of others. Let me never become a slave to crowds. Teach me self-discipline and how to focus on your priorities rather than on others' or mine.


If you honor me with miracles, let me never forget that I have all the natural faults of humankind, and that miracles are your doing and not mine. 


Save me from the damage I may do to myself by trying too hard to be a blessing to others. Fill me with your power, so that I move forward in your strength.


I dedicate my remaining days upon this earth to you. Let them be as many or as few as you choose. Let me be a helper to those you wish, whether rich or poor, accomplished or struggling. I am here to do your loving purpose. This means more to me than position, riches, or fame. And I choose this above all things in earth or in heaven.



 ©1999 Chris Davidson (adapted)      




About Distance Shamanic Sessions:

There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance shamanic sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of the physical. It is important to have privacy for your session and to schedule at least 15 minutes to relax and prepare. A time for integration afterward is also important. A quality telephone headset is a very good idea but not crucial for single sessions or short series. Please note that ear buds (without mouth microphone) as well as speaker telephones do not carry the energetic qualities needed for this work.

After you've explored the different information and associated costs on the website you're welcome to schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation with Chris Davidson to see if this work feels right for you (please note that this cannot be a shamanic session, which requires formal preparation).


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